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Book 5: Fandom is a collective gift to Bryke from the fans. Submit your original works and letters to be presented to Bryke in person at NYCC 2014. The deadline for submissions is 11:59pm Eastern on Tuesday October 7th. Check out our blog for more information and feel free to ask any questions you may have about the project.

This is an amazing idea by AvatarLegends and what better way to do this than for one of the strongest fanbases ever to help out! Please read more here about this and try your best to either reblog or get involved!

Book 1 is really underrated in the Korra fandom… it was the most cohesive season of Korra so far and it isn’t as bad as everyone makes out

In Book Three, Avatar Korra had to save the world and endured her most intense battle yet. Now broken and bruised, she begins a journey of self-discovery and survival in a new world where the strong prey upon the weak. When an aggressive military force rises up led by the power hungry Kuvira, the fate of the Earth Kingdom hangs in the balance and only the Avatar can set things right.

The Legend of Korra, Book 4: Balance premieres on Friday, Oct. 3

((Book four ‘Balance' official description))

The Book 4 trailer has reached 1 million views in just one day!